Understanding the Hospice SIA and Best Practices for Quality End of Life Care

CMS created the service intensity add-on (SIA) in recognition of patients and families needing more intensive care and services at the very end of life. The SIA also recognizes the higher costs of those services by offering hospice providers reimbursement for them. Specifically, the SIA payment covers direct care provided by a registered nurse or social worker that occurs during the last seven days of life, up to four hours per day, in addition to the routine home care per diem reimbursement.

However, two years after the 2016 Hospice Payment Rule instituted the SIA, it is clear that many hospice organizations have not realized the opportunity for optimizing the reimbursement model, enhancing care during the last seven days of life and capturing the SIA payment.

Fazzi’s complimentary white paper written by Catherine Dehlin, Fazzi’s Director of Hospice Services entitled, “Does Your Hospice Team Understand Service Intensity Add-On?”, provides a more complete understanding of the benefit and best practice strategies to help ensure patients and families receive high quality end of life care. This paper is full of specific and actionable recommendations in these areas:

  • Direct care
  • Scheduling and staffing
  • Escalation of services
  • Care planning
  • Interdisciplinary team communication
  • QAPI

Following these recommendations will benefit patients and their families as well as help agency leaders access this important resource.

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