Improve Your Star Rating with our New Coding Feature!

Our job is to empower your agency to become Invincible, and we are constantly enhancing our services to help you do just that.

We’re pleased to tell you about a vital addition to our coding review process – the integration of STAR items into our coding review.  The feedback you receive for each patient is easy to use and highlights those M-items that impact the Quality of Patient Care Star Rating, and ultimately, reimbursement. This will allow your agency to know how and where you can improve your STAR rating, and protect your revenue.

If you’re currently a coding customer (thank you!), a member of our team will contact you soon to explain the details of this important enhancement.

If you’re not a current coding customer, this is one more reason to consider Outsourced Coding from Fazzi Associates!  And here are just a few more…

  • You’ll love our fast turnaround time and 24/7/365 coverage!
  • You’ll rest easy knowing you can count on a manager, coordinator and team of coders assigned to your agency!
  • Less work for you!  We use your EMR with a HIPAA-compliant connection and enter codes directly into your system.

Questions?  We love questions. Contact us today.

Another ICD-10 Delay. What Now?

Question:  I understand that ICD-10 has been delayed again to 2015?  Our agency has done so much and paid a lot of money to begin preparing, what do we do now?

Answer:  You are correct. After last week’s approval in the House, the Senate voted yesterday to approve a bill that will delay the implementation of ICD-10 by at least one year. The bill now moves to President Obama, who is expected to sign it into law.

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