Fazzi Supervision PlusA Supervisory Training Program

Creating a culture of accountability has never been more important for home care and hospice agencies.  Agency leaders are challenged to do more with less while guiding their staff to optimal productivity, higher patient and family satisfaction scores, and greater outcomes of care.  Leaders, from front line supervisors to CEO’s, need tools to meet the expectations of healthcare’s new challenges.

The Focus of Supervisory Training
The SupervisionPlus® training is a practical, how-to-do-it training. Attendees will learn about the Functional Management Model, a state-of-the-art supervisory model featured in this training. Each attendee will leave the training having learned the fundamentals of supervision plus highly practical knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Assess the competency and functional level of each of their employees.
  • Increase motivation and commitment of employees.
  • Target improvement strategies for any employee who needs it.
  • Deal with their most challenging employees.
  • Effectively delegate responsibilities and more importantly hold their staff accountable.
  • Increase employee retention and engagement.

SupervisionPlus® is a training that will help build the skill, competence and confidence of those attending the program. They will leave this session excited and ready to use what they learned to improve their support and management of their employees and team.

Bonus Management Track

In our new bonus management track, we expand on our SupervisionPlus® course and review the important interpersonal skills needed to be a successful manager. Topics addressed include:

  • Using motivational interviewing to improve employee morale and performance.
  • Building and running successful meetings with your team.
  • Becoming a successful communicator.
  • Building strong listening skills.
  • Using proven effective problem solving strategies.

This complete program gives managers the skills they need to successfully supervise and manage their staff for increased staff engagement. Those who complete both programs will be invited to attend our Home Health and Hospice Executive Quarterly Forum, which includes free quarterly webinars on key supervisory and management trends.

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