Fazzi Supervision PlusA Supervisory Training Program

Creating a culture of accountability has never been more important for home care and hospice agencies.  Agency leaders are challenged to do more with less while guiding their staff to optimal productivity, higher patient and family satisfaction scores, and greater outcomes of care.  Leaders, from front line supervisors to CEO’s, need tools to meet the expectations of healthcare’s new challenges.

The Focus of Supervisory Training

SupervisionPlus® is a supervisory management training program designed specifically for supervisors, managers and directors in home care and hospice agencies.  It is a skill development, how-to-do-it training.  Supervisors and managers will not only learn the most effective strategies for supervising and motivating staff, they will also learn the newest supervisory approaches for increasing the morale, team commitment and retention of valuable employees.

Participants will learn skills… strong supervisory skills.  These are skills that participants can apply immediately when they return to their jobs. Among the issues that will be addressed in this training are:

  • How the wrong approach to supervision can actually de-motivate employees and lead to high turnover
  • What the four major approaches to supervision are and when to use each approach
  • How to determine the “functional level” of each employee
  • How to use your employee’s “functional level” to improve their motivation, performance and commitment
  • How to determine the best approaches for improving staff morale, commitment and retention
  • How to best supervise and motivate staff at all levels in highly regulated and high pressure environments
  • Why certain types of supervision will not motivate some employees
  • How to deal with a supervisor’s most challenging employee and what to do when all else fails

Designed for both novice and senior managers, the training provides the foundation for developing a highly accountable, Outcome Management System throughout their agency.

For more information on scheduling an on site SupervisionPlus® training, please contact us, To learn more about our online SupervisionPlus® training, visit the Fazzi Store.