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Targeted and Comprehensive Competitor Reports

Home health agencies are focusing on improving care, lowering costs, increasing revenue, generating more referrals, and lowering hospital readmissions.  What’s your plan and where do you start?

You know how you are doing, but how competitive are you?  The best way to know is to compare yourself to your competitors on all key metrics.  Fazzi’s Targeted Competitor Report starts by identifying a list of competitors in your area.  We then provide comparable data on patients served, visits, episodes, revenue, costs, etc.  Our Comprehensive Competitor Report includes yearly data trends along with episodes by clinical and functional status, episodes by therapy visits, timing, code changes, and diagnoses information.  You can compare one or as many providers as needed.

Competitor reports clearly display your market share, revenue, costs, episodes, salaries, and more.  With our trending reports you know if you are gaining or losing market share and to whom.  All Competitor Reports are designed to allow you to compare competitors in an easy to understand format that will support your market strategy, help you make informed decisions, and provide a competitive advantage.

Our reports are easy to understand and provide metrics on providers in the market you’re interested in.  You select the providers.  For one low cost, our reports include information that will help you define strategic direction, grow your business, and improve operations.

Quick!  Easy!  Focused!  The information you need to know to give you an edge.  Compare up to five providers of your choice, by name or county.  An example of available data is shown below.

Home Health

  • Agency Name and Address
  • Phone
  • Ownership and Legal Status
  • Revenue
  • Episodes
  • Visits (full, LUPA, per episode)
  • Visits by Discipline
  • Episodes per Patient
  • Average Cost per Episode
  • Patient Census
  • Medicare Gross Margin
  • Average Case Mix
  • Referrals by Source
  • FTEs, Staff and Contract


  • Agency Name and Address
  • Phone
  • Ownership and Legal Status
  • Revenue
  • Revenue per Day
  • Number of Days
  • Days by Location of Care
  • Days by Level of Care
  • Days per Patient
  • Patient Census
  • Total Discharges
  • Discharge Status
  • Discharges by LOS
  • Discharges by Diagnosis

Referral Source Report

Are your referral sources satisfied with your services?

We will survey your referral sources with customized questions to understand their perception of your agency as compared to your competitors.  We contact your referral sources by phone without identifying your agency.  You will receive a comparative report (one that compares you to your major competitors) on overall satisfaction, satisfaction by source, and strengths and weakness.  As part of the report you also receive market share trends for each county you serve. Trends include percent market share of county by provider, revenue, patients, and more.

Fazzi Custom Report page

Your report will tell you what your referral sources like about you, what they don’t like, and what they would like to see you do that would make you more valued and responsive to their needs.  Because the results are segmented by type of referral source, you will be able to better target your efforts.  The focus of the survey is on differentiation.  While you may want to know where on the scale of excellent to poor a referral source rates you, what is really important is to establish how different (better or worse) your agency is compared to your competitors.  Exclusive: To better understand the context for the referral source perceptions, we also provide market share based on Medicare patients trended over three years.

Investment Firm, Vendor, and Specialized Reports

Our Business Intelligence Division provides strategic and competitive data for three groups: home care and hospice agencies, home care and hospice vendors, particularly technology vendors, and equity and venture firms.  We have an extraordinary amount of data on the home care and hospice industry ranging from demographics, patient census, financial status, quality, and growth potential to data on their present financial and quality viability.

Reports are customized to deliver information for major decision making.  Client determines focus, data, industry, and format. Past reports have included state, regional, or national data; custom research; financial data, and user surveys.

For equity and venture capital firms, we are often asked to identify specific types of agency providers that meet their criteria for potential acquisitions.  The client defines the criteria; we identify agencies that meet those criteria.

Vendors have also requested competitive information on other vendors in their sector.  Vendor reports include not only market share but segmentation of competitive vendors by client size, location, legal status and auspices.  In many cases, we can provide level of satisfaction and growth or loss potential.  All data comes from public sources and/or strategic insights we have gained from Fazzi’s proprietary national studies.

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We fully respect and abide by confidentiality. All information and data acquired for clients or providers is held in strict confidence and is not disclosed to any third party.