Outsourced Coding and Quality Review Options for Hospice

Improve Accuracy for Correct Reimbursement and…

Hospice agencies are facing increased regulatory rules and scrutiny and are now subject to public reporting.  With these and other mounting pressures, hospices are turning to Fazzi’s outsourced coding services to ensure maximum allowable reimbursement, compliance and operational efficiencies.

Hospices that choose either Fazzi’s Hospice Outsourced Coding or Fazzi’s QA Complete: Hospice Coding & Plan of Care Review services receive these important differentiators:

  • Fast and accurate ICD-10 coding services
  • Your own team of certified and hospice experienced coders and nurse reviewers
  • 24/7/365 coverage
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Fazzi’s superior industry expertise and insight

QA Complete: Coding, HIS & Plan of Care Review

Hospices that choose Fazzi’s QA Complete: Hospice Coding and Plan of Care Review service will receive our ICD-10 coding services and the additional benefits of accurate and compliant documentation.  Our record review and recommendations process focus on:

  • Hospice eligibility including Notice of Election, Certificate of Terminal Illness and supporting assessments
  • Appropriate physician orders
  • HIS Completion
  • Plan of Care including treatment orders, medication profile, pain management and goals.

Outsourced Coding

Improve accuracy of your coding.  You’ll get our fast and accurate ICD-10 coding services 7 days a week.  Our certified coders review all pertinent patient information to accurately code the primary diagnosis with appropriate co-morbidities, noting which may not be related to terminal prognosis.  For recertifications, we will look for and review the face to face documentation.

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We take your security seriously

We’re pleased to tell you that Fazzi’s services are conducted in a highly secure environment.  Fazzi’s infrastructure meets the most rigorous data security standards in the industry.