OASIS-D Testing to Assess Your Readiness

Test Your Clinicians and Get the Data You Need to Achieve OASIS-D Proficiency

For only $25 per tester, you’ll learn which clinicians still need more OASIS-D training and in what areas.

Fazzi’s 55-question (1.5 hour) OASIS-D Proficiency Exam assesses each clinician’s – and your agency’s – readiness for OASIS-D. This comprehensive exam covers all the changes made to the OASIS assessment, including the new GG and JJ items.

Results to date show that clinicians are having a difficult time selecting the correct codes particularly in instances where an activity in GG0170 cannot be assessed at SOC/ROC.

Get the necessary data to plan the additional training that will be needed for OASIS-D proficiency! With our comprehensive customized reporting, you’ll receive:

  • Score by quality, financial, and STAR rating impact.
  • Score by OASIS category to assist in determining your future training needs.
  • Benchmarking to determine how your agency compares to the other 10,000 testers in our database.

In addition, we’ll be releasing a national webinar for all testing participants outlining the biggest OASIS-D challenges and best practice strategies for overcoming them.

The OASIS-D testing period runs through January 31, 2019 and is $25 per tester. It is strongly recommended that you test all your clinicians for a thorough analysis of your agency’s overall readiness.

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