QAPI Consultation

Improve Your Agency’s Quality and Efficiency and Minimize Risk with a QAPI Consultation

It is essential that your agency has an all-encompassing, data-driven quality assurance, performance improvement (QAPI) program to identify areas for improvement and to ensure quality care and patient safety.

The 2017 Home Health Conditions of Participation emphasize QAPI to ensure agencies are proactive in monitoring performance and addressing the interaction and connection between data collection and analysis, performance improvement projects, and performance measures to enhance quality.

Safeguard Your Agency with Data Driven, Individualized QAPI Program

Fazzi’s approach involves partnering with your agency via fact-finding interviews, analyses of your current QAPI practices, and review of outcome results.  We then review the data and information before implementing our services to ensure our recommendations meet best practice industry standards that best suit your agency’s needs.

Your agency will receive a proactive QAPI model that reflects your strategic priorities and the requirements set in the Conditions of Participation for Home Health and or Hospice Agencies.

Key Features of the Fazzi QAPI Model

  • Program Scope: Capable of demonstrating improvement
  • Program Data: Data collection and analysis will drive opportunities for improvement
  • Program Activities: Activities to focus on high risk, high volume, or problem prone areas with a specific attention to correcting adverse events
  • Performance Improvement Projects: Ensure annual evaluation of the QAPI program and projects reflect the Agency’s services and operations
  • Executive Responsibilities: Establish the role and overall responsibilities of the agency’s leadership and governing body for the QAPI program

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