Be Prepared When Auditors Come Knocking at Your Door With a Compliance Audit

Government scrutiny in home health and hospice is bigger than ever.  Increases in OIG, ZPIC and RAC audits have resulted in a growing number of denials.  Recent compliance audit activity has shown problems with agencies failing to meet the F2F documentation requirements, resulting in hundreds of denied claims.  Ensuring your agency has a solid compliance program in place that is key to avoiding major penalties.

You do not want to be unprepared.  Fazzi recommends agencies consider an independent compliance audit.  An outside review can help you identify problem areas while helping your agency to minimize your risk and protect your organization’s valuable assets.  If you’ve already starting doing this, that is great.

Medical Record Reviews and ADRs

Customized medical record reviews allow agencies to focus on specific areas, such as therapy utilization, signed and timely physician orders, documentation to support skill and homebound, and the provision of areas of care that may provide challenges to clinicians, such as wound care.  Fazzi also is able to assist agencies with the evaluation and preparation of ADRs and their appeals.

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