Improving OASIS Accuracy

The single most important practice in any certified home care agency is OASIS!  A complete and accurate OASIS assessment has a direct impact on patient outcomes, STAR Ratings, reimbursement, and now Value-Based Purchasing.  Ultimately, OASIS directly impacts the very viability of the agency.  OASIS also will be key in supporting medical necessity and homebound status during Pre-claim Reviews.  Most agencies have room for improvement.  Our OASIS Education services can help agencies to:

  • Improve OASIS accuracy
  • Improve clinician skill and confidence
  • Improve case mix weight
  • Improve the accuracy of patient outcomes
  • Improve reimbursement

OASIS Audits

It’s critical that you know how you’re doing on OASIS and the best way to find out is with a comprehensive audit. Our OASIS audit will tell you where you’re strong, where you’re weak and where inaccurate OASIS assessments are leading to loss in revenue and reductions in quality scores. You’ll receive a full analysis and a comprehensive report detailing how to improve your agency’s overall OASIS accuracy.  Contact us today for more information on OASIS Audits.

Case Mix Weight Audits

Fazzi’s Case Mix Weight Audit, using a unique software program developed by Fazzi, provides agencies with a comparison of their CMW and HHRG with key recommendations from Fazzi experts. Detail is provided on your opportunities for improvement so you target educational efforts and meet your goals.

On-Site OASIS Education

Fazzi’s certified and experienced OASIS Educators will conduct an onsite OASIS-C2 class with your clinicians who perform OASIS assessments.  Each session focuses on the purpose of the OASIS document, conducting a thorough OASIS assessment, and how to select the most accurate OASIS responses using as a resource CMS guidance documents and subsequent Q&As.  The sessions are interactive allowing for questions and discussion of specific scenarios.

The education incorporates OASIS Think and The OASIS WALK® – two learning strategies that have proven very effective in assisting clinicians to more effectively integrate the OASIS items into their assessment process.  Fazzi Associates, Inc. is accredited as a provider of Continuing Nursing Education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.  Physical therapy contact hours are based upon individual state requirements.  Contact us today for more information on OASIS On-Site Education.

Online OASIS Education

Fazzi’s online education will provide your staff with instruction by the same seasoned senior clinicians.  This provides clinicians flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their own time.  Visit our Online Training Store to view our OASIS online training programs.

Contact us today for information on our OASIS services or call 1-800-379-0361.