Maximize Accurate Reimbursement and Control Risk under PDGM

As the leading outsourced coding firm in Home Health, Fazzi has a proven track record of accurate and timely coding and record review services that provide valuable feedback to clinical teams.

Under PDGM our new coding service, Payment Period Coding Review, will utilize the overlap of the end of each quality episode with each payment period transition at day 60, 120, 180, etc.. to review the REC OASIS for appropriate coding. These OASIS timepoints can then be used as a source of accurate coding for the coinciding claims at the payment period transitions.

If you are concerned about how your agency will handle coding updates at payment period transitions on day 30, 90, 150, etc., Fazzi can help. The Fazzi Coding team will review patient record coding at each payment period unassociated with an OASIS timepoint. Utilize this service to ensure claims are accurate to the patient’s presentation at each 30-day interval.

Fazzi’s Payment Period Coding Review will:

  • Maximize opportunity for accurate payment across all payment periods
  • Control risk
  • Alleviate workforce burden

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