Fazzi’s National OASIS Testing Project Preliminary Results

8e908b30-d157-4786-80f5-e543854dfdd0Well, we made it, at least season-wise.  Spring!  It is absolutely my favorite time of the year.  It always feels like a new beginning.  It is not just the more pleasant temperatures, it is the excitement of seeing buds emerging on trees, birds returning to New England and the first signs of flowers.  Longer days and more sun makes it especially exciting for our colleagues in northern states.

Unfortunately, what hasn’t changed are the demands on our agencies, especially data demands.  This month I’d like to touch on a few different topics that share a common thread – research, data and the importance of continuous learning (the fun part!).

Our industry is flooded with data demands.  Data that must be reported.  Data that affects STAR ratings.  Data that impacts reimbursement and quite frankly could possibly threaten the existence of some agencies (especially in the Value-Based Purchasing pilot states).  That’s exactly why we’re so intent on providing research and data that fuels insight, learning, and improvement.

Let’s take a look at some research that we feel is important and telling.  First, as you may recall, we are currently conducting a national OASIS testing project to test agency staff competencies around OASIS across the country, and we have some preliminary results to share.  (Note that if you haven’t participated in this testing, please see the next article.)

Fazzi’s National OASIS Testing Project Preliminary Results:

Average score by position:

  • Manager 71%
  • PT 75%
  • RN 73%
  • Auditor 81%

Average score for those items impacting Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) and STAR Rating: 77%

Biggest problem areas are those that impact VBP/STAR scores:

  • ADL/IADL average score: 62%
  • Respiratory Status (specifically M1400) score: 54%

While the testing will not end until April 15, this preliminary data suggests that there is a significant need to improve OASIS competencies, particularly in the areas that matter most to quality scores and ultimately profitability.  We will be sharing more details with you as we continue with the project.  Again, more information about the testing is included in the article below.

The second piece of research worth noting is our recently released White Paper, Key Drivers & Best Practices for Improving HHCAHPS Results.  In our third edition of this study since 2011, we analyzed aggregate HHCAHPS data of more than 1,000 agencies to learn which survey items most correlate with global scores.   We found that there were seven specific questions the have substantial correlations with “Overall Rating of Care” and “Willingness to Recommend.”

If you have not already downloaded the full white paper that includes the specific results and recommended HHCAHPS best practices, you may still do so by clicking here.

The one last data related comment that I want to make is to sincerely thank everyone who contributed feedback on the questions for our 2016 National Home Care and Hospice State of the Industry Study.  We have received over 1,700 suggestions!  On behalf of our National Steering Committee, I can say that we were thrilled to have your ideas and suggestions.   We’ve spent days pouring over your feedback to incorporate it into this important piece of work.  The next step is to begin the telephone surveys.   We hope that if you are called, you will participate.  Participants get the first distribution of the national report.  We will keep you posted throughout this project.

If you wonder, I am an absolute fan of data and benchmarking.  What we learn from data helps us improve.  It helps us understand how we compare, what we need to get better at and what practices are most helpful.  When we use it right, it means our patients receive better services, our agencies have better quality and stronger financial performance and our industry as a whole is respected for being more sophisticated and more responsive through data driven decision making.

So, let’s celebrate Spring and even more celebrate what we collectively do for millions of patients and their families.  We make this world a better place.

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Bob Fazzi, Managing Partner

There is Still Time to Register for the Fazzi National OASIS Testing Project

Fazzi is conducting a national OASIS testing campaign with agencies across the country.  This one-time test began March 14th and is providing tremendous insights.   Due to incredible demand, we are extending the registration through April 1.   Agencies that participate will receive comprehensive reporting that will give them score by quality impact, score by financial impact, VBP/STARS rating score, score by clinician, and score by major OASIS segment.  Not only that, their performance will be benchmarked with agencies nationwide participating in the testing service, as well as agencies in their state!  At the end of the testing project, those who participate will receive an exclusive webinar going through the results and providing best practice tips for making improvements.  This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

The price to participate is our cost, only $25 per tester.  Agencies may register by clicking here.  For more information, please contact Fazzi Associates at training@fazzi.com or 844-993-2994.