January Compliance Newsletter

Hospice CAHPS Preview Report Available

Hospice provider preview reports that include Hospice CAHPS results are now available to all participating hospices. Your results are available in your Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reports (CASPER) folder. For more information view the Hospice CAHPS® Provider Preview Reports Access Instructions. The first posting of Hospice CAHPS on Hospice Compare is expected within the next few weeks.

Where do you stand? It is important for every hospice to pay close attention to their Hospice CAHPS scores and to use them in setting strategic goals. Knowing where you stand relative to national scores will aid you in this process.  Here are the latest national averages:

National Averages for CAHPS® Hospice Survey Measures

Measure National Average
Hospice Team Communication 80%
Getting Timely Care 78%
Treating Family Member with Respect 90%
Getting Emotional and Religious Support 89%
Getting Help for Symptoms 75%
Getting Hsopice Care Training 72%
Rating of Hospice 80%
Willingness to Recommend 85%

Source: National CAHPS Hospice Survey data. Data.Medicare.gov

CAHPS®: Why it’s Good for Hospice! White Paper

Amid challenging new regulations and escalating reimbursement constraints, why is the Hospice CAHPS® survey good for hospice? Four important reasons hospice leaders should consider CAHPS when setting strategic goals are outlined in this white paper. Click here to view.

Hospice Standardized Assessment: HEART

CMS has contracted with RTI International to test a standardized, comprehensive assessment for Hospice providers. The feasibility and content of the Hospice Evaluation & Assessment Reporting Tool (HEART) tool will be tested in a two-phase pilot starting in January 2018. HEART is expected to include current items from the Hospice Item Set (HIS) and additional clinical items. HEART will also reflect the Medicare Hospice Conditions of Participation (COP) requirements and  data that is routinely collected as part of high-quality clinical care. More information about Hospice HQRP is available here.

OASIS-C2 Updates

The New Year has brought a change to the OASIS-C2. The comprehensive assessment is the responsibility of one clinician. However, effective January 1, 2018, the assessing clinician will be allowed to elicit feedback from other agency staff involved in the care to complete any or all OASIS items integrated within the comprehensive assessment.

The OASIS visit clinician may now consider assessment information from other skilled clinicians such as, LPN, PTA, COTA, Home Health Aide, other health care providers, Pharmacist, Physician, etc. working within their license requirements and scope of their practice and state licensure.

Be sure your agency has a plan for how clinicians will document the OASIS collaboration and what information was obtained through collaboration. Fazzi’s Compliance experts recommend that policies specify one particular area within your documentation system where this information can be noted. As always- consistent, careful documentation will be key in supporting your OASIS assessment documentation. Let us know if we can assist you.

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