Hospice Compare Updated

CMS has released the second round of public reporting on all Medicare-certified hospice providers along with the first release of national averages for CAHPS® Hospice (see below). Individual agency data for CAHPS® Hospice will be published in the first quarter 2018.

The reporting period for this release of Hospice Compare includes the calendar year of 2016. National averages for all measures showed a slight increase from the previous reporting period. The national CAHPS® Hospice data collection period is April 2015 to March 2016.

Hospice Compare reported results are in compliance with the first of two reporting requirements from CMS in order for hospice providers to avoid the 2% payment penalty. There are no exemptions for this requirement. All Medicare-certified hospice providers must report HIS data regardless of their size or average daily census. CMS will also publish quality star ratings for hospices in the future.

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National Averages for CAHPS® Hospice Survey Measures

Measure National Average
Hospice Team Communication 80%
Getting Timely Care 78%
Treating Family Member with Respect 90%
Getting Emotional and Religious Support 89%
Getting Help for Symptoms 75%
Getting Hsopice Care Training 72%
Rating of Hospice 80%
Willingness to Recommend 85%

Source: National CAHPS Hospice Survey data. Data.Medicare.gov

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