Hospice Compare Now Includes CAHPS®

CMS has posted the initial publication of results from the CAHPS® Hospice Survey on Hospice Compare.  Results include all Medicare-certified hospices that had at least 30 completed surveys from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2017.

Since the first release of national averages in December 2017 of the family caregivers’ survey results, treating patient with respect improved along with training family to care for patient, while willingness to recommend worsened (see table).

Updates to patient preferences and managing pain and treating symptoms saw improvement in five measures, with the most improvement in beliefs/values addressed and dyspnea treatment.  Dyspnea screening and patients treated with opioid who are given a bowel regimen remained the same while a slight improvement was seen in all other measures.

For state level Hospice Compare charts, click here.

National Averages for CAHPS® Hospice Survey Measures

National Average
 December 2017  February 2018
Hospice Team Communication 80% 80%
Getting Timely Care 78% 78%
Treating Patient with Respect 90% 91%
Getting Emotional and Religious Support 89% 89%
Getting Help for Symptoms 75% 75%
Getting Hospice Care Training 72% 75%
Rating of Hospice 80% 80%
Willingness to Recommend 85% 84%

Source: Medicare.gov, Hospice Compare. Data.Medicare.gov

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