Hospice Compare – Important Update

CMS has recently announced that a Hospice Compare site will be released in 2017. The long anticipated hospice public reporting initiative is expected to begin with the HIS items in Summer 2017 with ongoing quarterly updates from then on. Then, Hospice CAHPS results are expected to be included with one of the quarterly data updates released in the winter of 2018.

Prior to the release of data on Hospice Compare, you will have the opportunity to review your HIS results during a 30-day preview period using a Hospice Provider Preview Report, which will be issued quarterly by CMS. CMS is encouraging all Hospice providers to review their results in advance of each Hospice Compare release. Your first Preview Report is available now in the CASPER system for the release planned for this summer. For details on access and log in, click this link , and scroll to the bottom of that page to the download section.

With Hospice QAPI requirements and now public reporting right around the corner, it is more important than ever for Hospices to focus efforts on improving their CAHPS results. To assist you, as one of the largest CAHPS vendors in the country, Fazzi has released a white paper sharing key insights on Hospice CAHPS from a QAPI perspective.  We’ve put our CAHPS results to work by conducting a study to identify the Hospice CAHPS survey items with the highest correlations to the two global questions:

  • Overall Rating of Hospice Care
  • Willingness to Recommend
Download the White Paper: “CAHPS: Why it’s Good for Hospice!

Paying close attention to your service standards, practices and CAHPS scores can help your agency provide better quality care and quality of service – and will help you be a top performer in public reporting.

Contact us if you have questions or would like information about Fazzi’s Home Health or Hospice CAHPS services, 800-379-0361 or info@fazzi.com.

Source: https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Quality-Initiatives-Patient-Assessment-Instruments/Hospice-Quality-Reporting/Hospice-Quality-Public-Reporting.html