Employee Turnover Calculator

Use our Employee Turnover Calculator to estimate the cost of your employee turnover. The cost for our comprehensive service is far less than the cost of replacing one valuable employee!

Calculations are based on one (1) Employee. Please enter dollars without cents.
Vacancy Costs Per Week
Enter weekly cost.
1.   $0  
2.   $0  
3.   $0  
Total Vacancy Costs $0  
Lost Revenue
4. Enter number.      
5. Enter average amount.      
Total Lost Revenue $0  
Recruitment Costs (Total Costs for this Position)
6. Enter total cost.      
7. Enter total cost.      
8. Enter total cost.      
9. Enter total cost.      
10. Enter total cost.      
Total Recruitment Costs $0  
Hiring Costs (Total Costs for this Position)
11. Enter total cost.      
12. Enter total cost.      
Total Hiring Costs $0  
Orientation Costs (Total Costs for this Position)
13. Enter total cost.      
14. Enter total cost.      
15. (total cost):      
Total Orientation Costs $0  
16. Turnover Cost for One Employee $0  
17. Enter annual vacancies.    
Total Annual Turnover Cost for Employees $0  

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