Employee Engagement

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Improve Employee Engagement and Satisfaction, Decrease Turnover

Fazzi’s Employee Engagement survey service is designed specifically to help home health and hospice agency’s like yours become great places to work.  Our service provides an excellent foundation for improving employee satisfaction and engagement throughout your organization.

Customizable Tools and Comprehensive Reports to Help Reach Your Goals

Features of the service include a customizable survey tool, a comprehensive report and recommendations for improvement.  We can help you reach the important goals of decreasing turnover of your valued employees, gaining more committed employees and improving the performance of your employees.

Customized Valid & Reliable Partnering with You Outcomes
  • Designed for home health and hospice
  • Add specific questions
  • Results by discipline, by job level and by priorities
  • Nationally tested
  • Statistically Valid
  • Incorporates results from national studies and insights from home health and hospice experts
  • Goal setting reflecting your priorities
  • Consultation to review your results and next steps
  • Specific recommendations for your agency
  • Decrease turnover and unplanned absence
  • Improve productivity
  • Better CAHPS Results
  • Boost your bottom line

We know employee turnover is expensive and finding talented personnel is a challenge in a highly competitive industry.  Use our Employee Turnover Calculator to estimate the cost of your employee turnover.  The cost for our comprehensive service is far less than the cost of replacing one valuable employee!


The Fazzi Difference!

Fazzi is the only firm that incorporates national research on staffing and operational trends, data on every agency in the country, thirty years of quality of worklife improvement programs and the industry’s only complete supervisory management model with its survey.

Our service is built on the premise that data leads to improvement.  Our recommendations are reality based from over 30 years of consulting in the home care and hospice field.

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