Certified OASIS-D1 Quality Specialist

OASIS Certification

The Industry’s Most Valuable OASIS Certification

We are pleased to offer our industry’s newest and most valuable OASIS Certification, the Certified OASIS Quality Specialist designation (COQS).

Why is the COQS so Valuable?

  • Clinicians and other OASIS experts can obtain OASIS certification completely online with our online certification course and examination.
  • No need to leave the office, no travel expenses, test on your own time.
  • COQS certificants receive free annual competency testing, frequent webinars and “Ask the Expert” sessions to stay up to date with OASIS excellence best practice.
  • The COQS course and exam include The OASIS Walk® that teaches how to use OASIS as an effective care planning tool in the home.
  • Clinicians with other OASIS certifications may take the COQS recertification exam at a discounted price.
  • The COQS preparation course is approved for approximately 16 ANCC and BCHH-C contact hours.

Developed by industry leading OASIS experts, the complete COQS program includes:

  • A comprehensive, effective, engaging, convenient and affordable 8-week online OASIS certification preparation course and practice exam.
  • A 100-question proctored certification exam which can be taken online from the convenience of home or office. Certification demonstrates to employers and colleagues that an individual possesses the ability to accurately interpret assessment data and complete the CMS OASIS Item set in a compliant fashion.
  • An 80-question proctored recertification exam for candidates with proof of OASIS certification in good standing.
  • We’ve packaged the course and exam together for highest impact and greatest value. Participants may choose to purchase the package, or may purchase the course and exam individually.
  • A printed copy of Fazzi’s OASIS-D Field Guide to Data Collection.
  • Focused information for PDGM and OASIS-D1 Readiness.

More Benefits of the COQS:

  • Led by OASIS expert, instructor, enthusiast, devotee, coach and mentor, Anita Werner, the quality of the course instruction and materials is outstanding.
  • Developed, reviewed, psychometrically analyzed and beta tested by industry leading OASIS experts, the COQS is an accurate and important measure of OASIS proficiency.
  • COQS certificate holders are entitled to these additional benefits to continuously stay up to date with OASIS excellence best practice:
    • Complimentary webinars on challenging areas.
    • Complimentary “Ask the Expert” Q+A sessions.
    • Automatic and complimentary admission to WellSky’s annual National OASIS Testing Project.
  • Candidates with proof of active OASIS certification in good standing from other certification programs are welcome to sit for the 80-question recertification COQS exam at the discounted recertification price. 

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