Board Certified Home Health Coder


Fazzi experts developed the Board Certified Home Health Coder (BCHH-C) certification to serve as an accurate measure of an individual’s proficiency in home health coding.

Why is the BCHH-C so Valuable?

  • Coders and other coding experts can obtain coding certification completely online with our online certification course and examination.
  • No need to leave the office, no travel expenses, test on your own time.
  • The BCHH-C course and exam include practical tips and activities to help coders evaluate their skill levels.
  • Coders with other coding certifications may take the BCHH-C 75 question recertification exam.
  • The BCHH-C preparation course is approved for approximately 12 ANCC and BCHH-C contact hours.
  • The BCHH-C include OASIS questions coders must know. Many employers do not require additional OASIS certification for coders who hold the BCHH-C credentials.

Developed by industry-leading coding experts, the complete BCHH-C bundle includes:

  • A comprehensive, effective, engaging, convenient and affordable 8-week online coding certification preparation course and practice exam.
  • A 100-question/5-hour proctored certification exam which can be taken online from the convenience of home or office.
  • A 75-question proctored recertification exam for candidates with proof of CODING certification in good standing.
  • We’ve packaged the course and exam together for highest impact and greatest value. Participants may choose to purchase the package, or may purchase the course and exam individually.
  • A printed copy of Fazzi’s OASIS-D1 Field Guide to Data Collection – hot off of the press.

More Benefits of the BCHH-C:

  • Led by coding experts, instructors, enthusiasts, devotees, coaches and mentors – Lisa Woolery, Anita Werner, Alanna Lunden and Janeann Walker – the quality of the course instruction and materials are outstanding.
  • Developed, reviewed, psychometrically analyzed and beta tested by industry coding, the BCHH-C is an accurate and important measure of coding proficiency.
  • BCHH-C certificate holders are entitled to these additional benefits to continuously stay up to date with coding excellence best practice:
    • Complimentary “Ask the Expert
  • Candidates with proof of active CODING certification in good standing from other certification programs are welcome to sit for the 75-question recertification BCHH-C exam.

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For Coders already familiar with ICD-10: 8-week certification preparation course, BCHH-C exam, OASIS-D1 Field Guide