CoP Focused Compliance Services

CoP focused Compliance Services

Running an agency is complicated and getting ready for the final 374-page CoP rule – by January 1, 2018 – is a complex challenge

Fazzi is here to help you simplify this project with these CoP focused Compliance Services:

  • QAPI Development: We will create – or help you to update – your customized, agency-wide QAPI program.
  • Medical Record Audits: We will conduct a focused compliance audit by reviewing the OASIS assessment as well as plan of care, face-face orders and integrated care planning notes to help ensure compliance or to identify areas for improvement.
  • Outsourced Quality Assurance: If your resources are tight, we can help with outsourced QA resources to meet your QA needs.
  • Mock Medicare CoP Survey: Find out if you’re ready or what you still need to do by engaging us to conduct a mock survey.

Let us help you simplify your to do list.

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