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All Things Conditions of Participation… Mock Surveys and QAPI CONSULTATION

Mock Surveys:

Be Prepared Before Auditors Come Knocking at Your Door!  With a Fazzi mock survey, your agency will be evaluated for possible vulnerabilities and equipped with a strategy to help ensure compliance with the CoPs. At the conclusion of the mock survey, your agency will be provided with findings that identify standards not in compliance or perhaps don’t reflect known industry best practice. Fazzi’s experts will partner with you to make this experience educational and the basis for continuous improvement.

Specific results from Fazzi’s Mock Survey:

  • Review of Policies and Procedures to ensure current criteria
  • Review personnel records for key criteria
  • Field Visits with multiple disciplines to observe performance against agency policies, procedures and standards.
  • Review QAPI Program and activities
  • Clinical Record Review to ensure current compliance with standards related to Patient Rights and Care Planning
  • Interviews with staff and leaders to determine compliance and understanding of key CoPs
  • Exit Conference/Report: At the conclusion of the on-site assessment, an exit conference will be conducted to present our findings. Information for corrective actions will be provided. We will provide a report and our findings along with the standards likely to be cited as not in compliance.
  • Assisted Implementation: Fazzi will be available to provide assistance to your agency in preparation for the follow-up survey should management find it would be beneficial to them.

QAPI Consultation

The new 2018 Home Health Conditions of Participation require your agency have an agency-wide, data-driven quality assurance, performance improvement (QAPI) program that effectively identifies areas for improvement in quality care and patient safety.

Fazzi’s experts will partner with you to develop or strengthen your QAPI program via fact-finding interviews, analyses of your current QAPI practices, and review of outcome results.

Your agency will receive a proactive QAPI model that reflects your strategic priorities and the requirements set in the Conditions of Participation for Home Health and or Hospice Agencies.

Specific results of the Fazzi QAPI Program Consultation include:

  • Develop an individualized QAPI Program policy and procedure
  • Identify the possible data elements, data collection activities and analysis schedule.
  • Ensure the QAPI project/s reflects the Agency’s services and operations
  • Establish the role and have clarity on the responsibilities of the agency’s leadership and governing body related to the QAPI program.

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