Value-Based Purchasing

VBP ReadyFazzi’s three step Value-Based Purchasing program will accelerate and establish your agency as a leader in the new value-based health care environment

CMS is requiring that every sector of health care move to a new form of reimbursement: Value-based purchasing.  Quality outcomes will matter and will eventually affect how every home health agency in the country is reimbursed.  It is a simple payment system!  Do well and you will be rewarded or do poorly and you will be penalized.  Home health is moving into high risk times… and agencies must be prepared.

 What do you have to control?

To be competitive or to reduce your risk, you have to control four areas.  Better yet, you need to be in the top third of the four most critical measures in value-based purchasing:

Triple Aim Ready: Value-Based Partnering, Value-Based Care Management Model, Value-Based Organizational Structure and Competencies including Supervisory Management

  • Home Health Compare – Top 1/3 in scores
  • Hospitalization Rates – Lowest 1/3 in scores
  • HHCAHPS Scores – Top 1/3 in scores
  • Cost – Lowest 1/3 in cost

Move quickly – accelerate!

Agencies can control their quality outcomes.  Agencies can improve results and do it while controlling cost.  Best of all, agencies can quickly and assertively move to become a leader in the new Triple Aim value-based health care environment.  How?  A three-step program that builds on Fazzi’s 30 years of consulting, lean projects and national best practice research.  Targeted changes with targeted valued-based outcomes.

Fazzi’s Value-Based Accelerator Program is a streamlined, aggressive three step program:

  1. Rapid Cycle Agency Assessment: This is a fast and accurate full agency assessment of quality and cost.  You’ll receive a Benchmark Report and a 1-hour consultant review of your results. You’ll know exactly what you need to improve.
  2. The Value-Based Blueprint Report: From the assessment we’ll create a customized plan for your agency to become a lean, value-based operation; i.e… your blueprint for success.
  3. Partnering for success: With your Rapid Cycle Assessment & Blueprint for Success, you’ll know what you need to do to succeed under Value-Based Purchasing.  But do you have the time to execute the needed changes?  Can you afford not to?  With Step Three, we’ll partner with you and help you execute your blueprint, every step of the way.*

*In Step Three, you can use as many of our services as you choose, there is no minimum requirement:

  • Identification of Key Performance Indicators for Field and Clinical Operations Staff
  • Care Management Support
  • OASIS Trainings and Audits
  • Compliance Services
  • Organizational Design Services
  • Management and Staff Training
  • Customer Service Program
  • Therapy Utilization and Compliance: Audit andEducation
  • Outsourced Back Office Functions: Coding, Billing and Compliance
  • A Full Library of Home Health Trainings through our Learning Management System

The move to value-based purchasing is real.  No agency should wait!  Fazzi’s three step program will accelerate and establish your agency as a leader in the new value-based health care environment and begin helping you immediately.

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