Operational Review

How Do I Know if my Agency Needs an Operational Review?

Do you find that you have less than competitive quality outcomes, your costs are high or your profitability is low, or that there is a great deal of frustration and dissatisfaction in your agency?

Challenges for providers in the home care and hospice industry continue to grow and change, but the desired outcomes remain the same.  The goal for each of our clients is to reach the top 1/3 tier in four key areas.

The optimally redesigned home care agency scores in the top 1/3 for:

  • Clinical Quality
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Low Rehospitalization Rates
  • Low Cost per Episode

Achieving this goal starts with an Operational Review.  An Operational Review by Fazzi’s operational improvement experts can help by evaluating every segment of your organization.  It is a systematic effort to identify processes, practices, staffing ratios, and structures that do not add value to your agency and tend to have a negative impact on quality and/or cost.  Included in the operational review is a very specific, concrete executive report with solid recommendations for every department.  These are recommendations for changes you can and should make in order to speed up processes, reduce duplication, clarify roles and responsibilities, and implement best practices.

What are the goals of an Operational Review

Improved quality!  Improved financial performance!  Improved profitability!  Improved patient satisfaction!  Improved clarity and staff satisfaction!  Fazzi’s operational improvement experts will help you make these changes in a timely and effective manner.

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