Coding Audits for Home Health and Hospice

Are You Billing For Every Penny You Can? Are You at Risk?

Coding, revenue, and compliance are inextricably linked.  Many home health and hospice agencies are unaware of the financial risks associated with insufficient documentation and coding errors.  A coding audit from Fazzi will assess your agency’s current process and identify problem areas that are negatively impacting reimbursement.

When you partner with Fazzi, we ensure that your billing accurately represents services delivered, and insulates your agency from the risks, costs and delays associated with coding errors and inadequate documentation.  Each comprehensive coding audit concludes with a thorough report of discrepancies and a full analysis of the financial implications of inaccurate coding.

A Fazzi coding audit is designed to:

  • Validate coding is sufficient and accurate
  • Validate sufficient documentation is provided for proper reimbursement
  • Identify and correct problem areas to avoid denied or unbillable claims, and ultimately an interruption in revenue
  • Identify and communicate corrective information to your clinicians
  • Identify specific training needs for your agency and clinicians

Improve your process today with a coding audit.  Ensure your agency is receiving appropriate and timely reimbursement and that you are protecting your bottom line.

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