What Worries Supervisors More: Employees’ Technical Skills or Interpersonal Skills?

Competent supervisors are always worried about ensuring that their subordinates have the technical skills to do the job but they are equally concerned about their staff having the interpersonal skills essential for strong team building and customer service.

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The Pathway for Leaders – Strategic Planning

We as leaders, managers, and staff in home care and hospice today are extremely busy.  We have reports to review, meetings to attend, patient problems to solve and, in general, fires to fight.  As fire fighters, we run the risk of developing a reactive mode of managing our organizations based on the crisis of the day.  Instead, we should be focusing on developing and deploying strategies on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis that create a pathway for us to follow in the pursuit of the targets and goals that we have created for our organizations.

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The High Performing Agency: Structure, Process and Results

The path forward for leaders in home health and hospice is to create a future where the provision of incredibly high quality care is delivered at a price point that shifts the value curve of healthcare towards HOME.  How can we do that when the challenges of reimbursement cuts, mounting administrative regulation, mounting staffing and operating costs, healthcare reform pressure, and an increasingly competitive market place threaten our sanity?  The answer is simple, we move ourselves forward and develop a new future by creating a culture of success through Higher Leadership.

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The Top Three Home Health Operational Pitfalls

For successful agencies, growth is inevitable. However, to ensure continued success, that growth must be effectively managed. Unfortunately, increased demands combined with multiple workarounds often lead to major operational problems, and inevitably a reduction in success.

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