PDGM-Ready Coding Services

How Do Fazzi’s Outsourced Coding Services Help You with PDGM?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how our Outsourced Coding Services help agencies with PDGM so we decided to share this information with all of you. Here goes:

  • Alerts! We’ve instituted a questionable encounter alert system into our standard coding process. That means that when an agency’s documentation and coding guidance call for a primary diagnosis code that does not fit into a PDGM clinical grouping, we will alert the agency prior to RAP. That way the agency can do some intervention with the referral source/intake/clinician to see if the documentation or plan of care need to be adjusted.
  • Reports! We’re providing our clients with primary diagnosis trend reporting for insight and training purposes. (New clients can receive these reports as soon as volume thresholds are met.)
  • Accuracy! We have a long standing proven track record of accuracy. In fact, while CMS is projecting that approximately 15% of episodes will not fit into a clinical grouping, our data shows percentages for current clients to be 7%, on average. We attribute this to the skill of our coders in finding the accurate and specific diagnosis in our clients’ documentation and also the close communication between our coders and our clients when clarification is needed.
  • Advice! Our coding services include consultation, and we are encouraging agencies to:
    • Work with their referral source and clinical teams to make sure the more specific condition to the symptom code is included on the referral. One example is a patient with osteoarthritis in their legs who is presenting with a gait abnormality. Instead of coding the gait abnormality, the agency should consider coding the osteoarthritis as it is the source of the gait abnormality.
    • Work with clinical teams to make sure that when their treatment is directed at a symptom they are documenting the original source of that symptom.
  • Reduced or Eliminated Costs of Recruiting, Training and Managing Staff: Efficiency and cost control will become even more important under PDGM. (We’ll take care of your back office while you take care of your patients.)

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Increase Cash Flow and Get Real Time A/R Reporting

Claim management Services Produce Dramatic Results and Give You 24/7 Transparency to Your A/R Data

When you partner with us for Outsourced Billing, you of course receive timely, accurate and compliant claim submission and cash posting services. But what you might not know is that you also receive:

  • Robust claims management and follow up services.
  • 24/7 access to reports that show you the real time status of every claim.
  • Up to the minute information about A/R and cash flow.
  • Insights into the reasons for denials and ADRs.

This translates to:

  • Improved cash flow.
  • Reduced A/R.
  • Reduced write offs.
  • A clear and up to date picture of dollars coming in the door and dollars in A/R.
  • The information you need to address upstream process and training issues to further improve reimbursement.
  • Reduce or eliminate the cost of recruiting, training and managing staff.

Many of our clients are seeing up to 35% increases in cash flow from denied claims.

We don’t think you’ll find this anywhere else. That’s because we’ve built our own proprietary Outsourced Billing platform that works seamlessly with your EMR and Clearinghouse to drive billing cycle efficiencies and give you complete transparency into your data.

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SupervisionPlus Online Training Begins April 29th

We’re thrilled to announce the next offering of our popular SupervisionPlus® 8-week online course to begin April 29th, now with an advanced management track included in the program! 

Why have we developed this complete Supervisory and Management Training Program for Home Health and Hospice? Because front-line managers can have the single largest impact on your organization. A good (or bad) manager affects employee performance and satisfaction, productivity, efficiency, turnover, and the overall health of any organization.

The SupervisionPlus® training is a practical, how-to-do-it training. Attendees will learn about the Functional Management Model, a state-of-the-art supervisory model featured in this training. Each attendee will leave the training having learned the fundamentals of supervision plus highly practical knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Assess the competency and functional level of each of their employees.
  • Increase motivation and commitment of employees.
  • Target improvement strategies for any employee who needs it.
  • Deal with their most challenging employees.
  • Effectively delegate responsibilities and more importantly hold their staff accountable.
  • Increase employee retention and engagement.

SupervisionPlus® is a training that will help build the skill, competence and confidence of those attending the program. They will leave this session excited and ready to use what they learned to improve their support and management of their employees and team.

Bonus Management Track
In our new bonus management track, we expand on our SupervisionPlus® course and review the important interpersonal skills needed to be a successful manager. Topics addressed include:

  • Using motivational interviewing to improve employee morale and performance.
  • Building and running successful meetings with your team.
  • Becoming a successful communicator.
  • Building strong listening skills.
  • Using proven effective problem solving strategies.

This complete program gives managers the skills they need to successfully supervise and manage their staff for increased staff engagement. Those who complete both programs will be invited to attend our Home Health and Hospice Executive Quarterly Forum, which includes free quarterly webinars on key supervisory and management trends.


Complete Supervisory and Management Program: Early bird pricing is $399 (Reg. $449) and ends April 15th. Includes FREE Supervisory Manual. Agencies that enroll ten or more people will receive the additional discount of $349 per person.

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Fazzi’s OASIS-D Field Guides for Data Collection are Back!

Fazzi’s Field Guides for OASIS-D Data Collection are so popular the first batch sold out in the first month! Our second batch is now hot off the press and available to purchase. This will be our last printed order in 2019. 

Why are our Field Guides to popular? They are the only guides in the industry to include Fazzi’s trademarked OASIS WALK® Toolkit. With our Toolkit your clinicians have access to research-based strategies and resources designed to assist in an completing an accurate assessment every visit.

In addition, our OASIS Field Guide also includes other key ingredients for OASIS Success:

  • CMS OASIS Guidance
  • OASIS Quarterly Q+As separated by OASIS Item
  • OASIS assessment reference sheets
  • Updated Conditions of Participation

Ensure your staff have the guide clients say is a “must have for every field clinician” before they are gone! Price is $55 per guide and includes shipping and handling.

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PDGM – It all Starts Here: Referrals and Intake

Are you aware of the case mix adjuster that’s tied to referral source under the new Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM)? Do you know your referral source mix and, the impact it will have on your reimbursement under PDGM? In this complimentary webinar learn about the admission source and timing components of the PDGM model and, the best practices for the intake, liaison and sales staff that you’ll want to start now. Plus, capturing accurate and specific information at admission is critical to assist clinicians with care planning, accuracy of primary and secondary diagnosis and the entire revenue cycle.

Join us to:

  • Understand what you and your intake, liaison and sales staff need to know now about the PDGM structure related to admission and timing.
  • Understand how to improve the working relationship between your clinical, intake and sales teams.
  • Identify the steps to take now to change your referral source mix.

Gina Mazza and Eileen Freitag provide their best practice recommendations for referral, marketing and intake to position your agency for success under PDGM.

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Hospice SIA and Best Practices for Quality End of Life Care

CMS created the Service Intensity Add-on (SIA) in recognition of patients and families needing more intensive care and services during the last seven days of life, and that hospices must be reimbursed for these very important services. However, two years after the 2016 Hospice Payment Rule instituted the SIA, it is clear that many hospice organizations have not optimized it.

Catherine Dehlin, Fazzi’s Director of Hospice Services provides a more complete understanding of the benefit and best practice strategies to help ensure patients and families receive high quality end of life care. You’ll receive specific and actionable recommendations in these areas:

  • Direct care
  • Scheduling and staffing
  • Escalation of services
  • Care planning
  • Interdisciplinary team communication
  • QAPI

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PDGM Financial Impact Analysis Now Available

We’re pleased to introduce Fazzi’s PDGM Financial Impact Report that gives you a comprehensive analysis of the projected impact of the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) on your agency. You’ll get the detail you need to understand what’s driving the projected change in your reimbursement and to create your PDGM Readiness plan.

Fazzi’s PDGM Financial Impact Report provides detailed illustrations of your data – comparing the current Home Health Prospective Payment System (HHPPS) and the proposed PDGM model – with the following data points:

  • Total and average payment per episode with state and national benchmarks.
  • Number of episodes and 30-day periods with state and national benchmarks.
  • Percentage of LUPA episodes with state and national benchmarks.
  • Top primary diagnoses.
  • Top primary diagnoses not fitting into a PDGM clinical group.
  • Distribution of payments.
  • Impact by:
    • Admission source
    • Episode timing
    • Clinical group
    • Clinical group and functional level combined
    • Comorbidity
    • Location
    • HIPPS code

And! You’ll have the opportunity to speak with a Fazzi expert about your data. You can purchase a report for each of your CCNs (CMS Provider ID).

The pricing is as follows:

Quantity  Price/CCN Your Cost 
 1  $599  $599
 2  $350  $700
 3  $266  $798
 4  $225  $900
 5  $200  $1,000

To purchase reports for up to five CCNs, click here. If you would like reports for more than five CCNs, contact us for more information.

OASIS-D Updates Webinar: Includes Free Bonus OASIS-D Crosswalk Tipsheet

Webinar: Tuesday, January 29 at 2:00 PM EST

OASIS-D is upon us and it’s already clear from our reviews that many of the new GG-Items are challenging clinicians. We are seeing a high number of errors that could impact future risk adjustment calculation and agency compliance with process measure data.

CMS has recently released Q&A that provides clarification related to errors that were not corrected in the final OASIS-D Guidance Manual. This new information provides much needed guidance to help agencies better understand how to correctly respond to the OASIS Items.

Join Anita Werner as she explains the new guidance and helps agencies determine how to work through areas where guidance isn’t clear. This critical 1.25 hour is a must for anyone completing the OASIS-D assessment.


  • COQS Certificants and full Fazzi Learning Center/OASIS Package Clients: FREE (Fazzi will distribute a link to you in a separate email).
  • All other agencies: $199 per site (includes live registration and online webinar recording). Click here to register.

For more information on becoming a Fazzi Learning Center client contact us at info@fazzi.com.

PDGM Readiness: What About Therapy?

One of the biggest questions about the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) on everyone’s mind is “what about therapy?” While the new model eliminates the therapy thresholds for payment, PDGM case mix includes mechanisms to include all disciplines.

In our complimentary PDGM Readiness webinar, Gina Mazza and Kerry Termine explain how therapy will be reimbursed in the PDGM case mix structure — and provide best practices for providing high quality patient-centered therapy services under this payment model.

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Registration Now Open for February’s COQS Online Preparation Course and Exam

COQSIt’s here! Registration is Now Open for the Certified OASIS-D Quality Specialist (COQS) Online Preparation Course and Exam

The 8-week online course begins February 25 – Register early to save!

Certifying OASIS proficiency is even more critical now that we have OASIS-D and with PDGM less than a year away! Developed by industry leading OASIS experts, the extremely popular COQS complete program includes:

  • A comprehensive, effective, engaging, convenient and affordable 8-week online preparation course and practice exam.
  • A 100-question proctored certification exam (or 80-question recertification exam) which can be taken online from the convenience of home or office. Certification demonstrates to employers and colleagues that an individual possesses the ability to accurately interpret assessment data and complete the CMS OASIS Item set in a compliant fashion.
  • A printed copy of Fazzi’s OASIS-D Field Guide to Data Collection – hot off of the press.

Why is the COQS so Valuable?

  • Clinicians and other OASIS experts can obtain OASIS certification completely online with our online certification course and examination.
  • COQS certificants receive free annual competency testing, frequent webinars and “Ask Anita” sessions.
  • The COQS course and exam are unique in our industry to include concepts from The OASIS Walk® in certification, teaching and testing clinicians on the use of OASIS as an effective care planning tool in the home.
  • Clinicians with other OASIS certifications may take the COQS recertification exam at a discounted price.
  • Led by OASIS expert, instructor, enthusiast, devotee, coach and mentor, Anita Werner, the quality of the course instruction and materials is outstanding.

Certified OASIS Quality Specialist Bundle: includes online preparation course, online exam and OASIS-D Field Guide – $499 per seat through February 14th (Regular Price $549)

If enrolling 10 or more clinicians, contact us for bulk pricing.

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