Your OASIS-D and COQS Certification Questions Answered

Webinar Recording Now Available. 

We received some great questions during the Q&A webinar session about the Certified OASIS Quality Specialist (COQS) with OASIS_D Readiness and we wanted to share the recording with you.

How will the COQS bundle prepare me for OASIS-D?
When you register for the COQS bundle, you get access to the course materials for one year. That means you’ll automatically receive the OASIS-D version of the course for free! Additionally, if you become COQS certified, you’ll receive an OASIS-D Crosswalk Training and access to the OASIS-D Skills Test in December.

Is the exam included in the bundle?
Yes! The COQS bundle includes the 8-week online preparation course, the certification (or recertification) exam and the OASIS Field Guide.

Are there contact hours?
Yes! The COQS preparation course is approved for approximately 16 ANCC and BCHH-C contact hours.

What if I’m on vacation for a week or two during the program? Can I still sign up?
Yes! The program is designed so that you can work through modules any time after their weekly release, and all live webinars are recorded and available for your review at a later time that’s convenient for you.

For comprehensive FAQs and more information, click here.

No other OASIS certification program prepares you for OASIS-D for free! The 8 week online preparation course begins June 18th. Register by May 31st to save $100!

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Last COQS Session of the Year – Including OASIS-D Readiness

The 8 week online course begins June 18th. Register by May 31st to save!

Join hundreds of your colleagues in receiving the industry’s newest and most valuable OASIS Certification, the Certified OASIS Quality Specialist (COQS) designation. For a fraction of the travel costs you might spend on other trainings, when you purchase the COQS online course package you receive everything you need to become OASIS certified for the next 3 years. That includes:

  • Full access to our 8-week online OASIS-C2 Certification course led by OASIS expert Anita Werner
  • Registration to complete the COQS 100 question online exam (Already certified? You can sign up for our 80-question recertification exam)
  • Our newly updated (January 1, 2018) OASIS-C2 Field Guide to Date Collection (retails $50 plus s/h)
  • OASIS-D Readiness

If you’ve been on the fence about registering for the program, now is the time! This will be our last online offering of the program in 2018, and with it you’ll get what you need to be ready for OASIS-D!

Users who purchase the COQS online training program receive access to the program for 1-year. This includes access to any course updates that are made during your subscription year. Not only will you receive the full COQS OASIS-D online certification course when it is available in 2019, but if you become COQS certified you’ll also receive a complimentary 1-hour OASIS-D crosswalk webinar session later this year.

There’s never been a better time to become OASIS certified than now! Register before May 31st and save $100!

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The Workforce Crisis: Information and Strategies for Optimal Home Health and Hospice Staffing

Edition #3: Managing the Workforce Crisis: First Do No Harm! Creating Optimal Culture

In this edition, we discuss the importance of culture in attracting and retaining employees, especially Millenials. In our work with agencies across the country, we have observed many organizations that unintentionally and unknowingly make their own workforce challenge worse… Continue Reading 

Edition #2: Supply and Demand for Key Positions (If you were worried about nursing, wait until you see the Home Health aide projections!)

In this edition, we look at the projected supply and demand for key positions in home care and hospice.  We also introduce a one-stop resource to view state by state data on Registered Nurses (RNs), Home Health Aides (HHAs), Personal Care Aides (PCAs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs),  Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) and Physical Therapists (PTs)… Continue Reading 

Edition #1: The Many Facets of Optimal Staffing

Home Health and Hospice agency staffing concerns are growing rapidly along with the aging population we serve. Agencies of all sizes are reporting record numbers of vacancies… Continue Reading 


April Compliance Newsletter

According to the latest National State of the Industry Report™, agencies that were the highest performers on home health compare outcomes, conducted an employee engagement survey every two years or more often. Conducting regular employee engagement surveys is a best practice for a well-run agency, evidenced by the fact above – and because employee engagement contributes to retention which has become a critical issue for our industry.

What are some of the key takeaways from Fazzi’s employee engagement database? One important finding is that Home Health and Hospice employees give their leadership low scores. Analysis of our employee engagement database shows that the Leadership Doman scores are the second lowest after Compensation and Benefits (which are always the lowest). This graph shows the relative results among the domain areas.

Factors such as communication, having a voice in decision making and alignment between management and staff are among the ingredients that contribute to the ratings employees give their leadership.

Fazzi’s Employee Engagement service, the only survey specifically created for home health and hospice agencies, analyzes composite scores for each of the areas shown above to identify which should be the targets for improvement. Within those areas, you can also single out specific improvements. Then, the action steps can be planned to bring about needed improvements.

Want to know how your agency measures up? Contact us today

Changes Coming to OASIS in 2019!

CMS has posted the new OASIS-D instrument and a supporting statement at this link. The revisions effective January 1, 2019 are intended to comply with the 2014 IMPACT Act.

Changes to the assessment are extensive. CMS is removing 235 data elements across all OASIS items as a part of the Paperwork Reduction Act, however 6 new questions with multiple data items are added. For example, at Start of Care 75 data elements are removed, however 65 new elements are added.

Fifteen of the 28 OASIS questions removed provided risk adjustment for publicly reported outcomes. This means accuracy in the responses to remaining OASIS questions will be even more essential. Competence in OASIS-C2 will set the stage for success with OASIS-D. Our OASIS Package available through The Fazzi Learning Center will automatically be updated with the changes and all Fazzi Learning Center customers will receive a free “crosswalk” training on the changes during the fall of 2018. If you’re not already a Fazzi Learning Center customer and would like to learn more, please click here.

Projected Supply and Demand for Key Positions in Home Care and Hospice

Home care and hospice will always compete with other sectors of healthcare for employees. That means that regardless of supply, agency leaders need to develop a wide range of strategies to attain and maintain optimal staffing levels. Visit Fazzi’s Workforce Data page, a one-stop resource to view state by state data on Registered Nurses (RNs), Home Health Aides (HHAs), Personal Care Aides (PCAs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs),  Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) and Physical Therapists (PTs).

View Workforce Data

OASIS-D: What the Future Holds – Complimentary Webinar

APRIL 11 @ 1:00 PM1:45 PM EDT – FULL

APRIL 12 @ 12:00 PM12:45 PM EDT – Registration OPEN


Presented by Anita Werner, RN, BCHH-C, COQS, Senior Compliance Consultant at Fazzi Associates

As we recently announced, CMS recently posted the new OASIS D instrument and a supporting statement. Changes to the assessment are extensive and will be effective January 1, 2019. Agencies need to begin thinking about their transition plan now in order to ensure success in the new year.

Join us for a complimentary webinar session where we’ll provide a brief overview of the changes, discuss what impact we think the new OASIS will have on agencies, and provide suggestions for becoming OASIS D ready by January 1st.

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Informational Webinar: Learn About Case Management Credentials

Get your questions answered in this informational webinar recording

You will learn:
• Why are these credentials important?
• What’s in the preparation course?
• What does the exam cover?

View the Informational Webinar Recording

The next online preparation course for the Certified Home Health Case Manager (CHHCM) and the Certified Hospice Case Manager (CHCM), begins April 23. Register by April 15th to receive the preparation course and exam package for $399 (save $100). Agencies that register 10 or more people for this package are eligible for a further discount of $375 per seat.

Case Management Certification Preparation Course Begins April 23

case management credentials

The next preparation course for our industry’s only Case Management Certifications, the Certified Home Health Case Manager (CHHCM) and the Certified Hospice Case Manager (CHCM), begins April 23. Instructed by Cindy Campbell, a nationally recognized leader, speaker and management consultant to the full continuum of healthcare at home.

  • Early bird pricing for the course and exam package is $399 for one exam through April 15. 
  • Agencies that register 10 or more people for this package are eligible for a further discount of $375 per seat. 

View FAQ and Register

Why are these credentials so valuable:

  • Because case management proficiency is central to Quadruple Aim: enhancing the patient experience, lowering costs, managing burgeoning populations while increasing joy in the work itself.
  • Because the new Home Health Conditions of Participation (CoPs) and the expanding Hospice Item Set (HIS) and other regulatory changes require new levels of expertise. Today, case managers must master goal directed, patient centered care planning; clinical best practices; interdisciplinary team management; time management; documentation and more – all while putting the patient first and, yes, loving the job!
  • These credentials demonstrate that a person possesses the knowledge and expertise to perform this critically important function.

About the CHHCM and CHCM:

  • These credentials can be achieved by taking the CHHCM and/or CHCM examination online through the Fazzi Learning Center.
  • An eight-week online preparation course for these examinations begins April 23.
  • With the bundle package, participants may choose the Home Health Track or the Hospice Track or they may do both. They may also choose to take the CHHCM exam or the CHCM exam or pay a small upgrade fee to do both.
  • Certificate holders get a wealth of free resources. You’ll enter a collaborative community of case management professionals and receive ongoing complimentary best practice webinars and other resources.
  • Participants will be inspired by course instructor Cindy Campbell’s expertise, energy and zeal for case management (even those who may fear that outstanding case management is becoming a “lost art”).

Congratulations to Fazzi’s Inaugural Class of Certified Case Managers

case management credentials

We’re pleased to announce and congratulate the inaugural class of Certified Home Health Case Managers (CHHCM) and Certified Hospice Case Managers (CHCM) for earning a passing score on these certification examinations.

View Current List of CHHCM and CHCM Certificant

The role of the Case Manager has become even more critically important with the new Home Health Conditions of Participation (CoPs), the expanding Hospice Item Set (HIS) and the need for every agency to improve quality while lowering costs. These certifications are the only Case Management credentials specifically designed for Home Health and Hospice.

Congratulations to these certificants for passing the rigorous CHHCM and/or CHCM examinations that were developed, reviewed, beta tested and psychometrically analyzed by industry leading case management experts.

Our next offering of the 8-week online preparation course and exam bundle begins April 23. We have received terrific feedback about this course such as this customer comment…

“I have been in HH for over 16 years. Perhaps it is a time in my life where all of the puzzle pieces of HH are fitting the board, yet I am amazed at how much I am enjoying, learning and being validated through this course. It is done with such professionalism and compassion. I just want to extend a heartfelt Thank You to the entire team that produced this rich product. It is truly a blessing for the HH industry.”

 -Marie Guthrie

For more information about the CHHCM and CHCM, please click the link below or contact us at or 800-379-0361.

Learn More/View the Comprehensive FAQs

View the COQS Informational Webinar – Get All Your Questions Answered!

The 8 week online course begins February 26 – Register early to save!

The COQS webinar recording is now available. As a reminder, the early bird pricing of $449 for the COQS preparation course and exam package ends on February 12. Agencies that register 10 or more people for this package are eligible for a further discount of $375 per seat.

COQS Informational Webinar

Developed by industry leading OASIS experts, the COQS complete program includes:

  • A comprehensive, effective, engaging, convenient and affordable 8-week online preparation course and practice exam.
  • A 100-question proctored certification exam (or 80-question recertification exam) which can be taken online from the convenience of home or office. Certification demonstrates to employers and colleagues that an individual possesses the ability to accurately interpret assessment data and complete the CMS OASIS Item set in a compliant fashion.

Why is the COQS so Valuable?

  • Clinicians and other OASIS experts can obtain OASIS certification completely online with our online certification course and examination.
  • COQS certificants receive free annual competency testing, frequent webinars and “Ask Anita” sessions.
  • The COQS course and exam are unique in our industry to include concepts from The OASIS Walk® in certification, teaching and testing clinicians on the use of OASIS as an effective care planning tool in the home.
  • Clinicians with other OASIS certifications may take the COQS recertification exam at a discounted price.
  • Led by OASIS expert, instructor, enthusiast, devotee, coach and mentor, Anita Werner, the quality of the course instruction and materials is outstanding.

Pricing – Register Early to Save!
Certified OASIS Quality Specialist Bundle: includes online preparation course, online test and OASIS Field Guide – $449 per seat through February 12th (Regular Price $549) Agencies that register 10 or more people for this package are eligible for a further discount of $375 per seat.

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