Case Management Certification Course Begins October 14

case management credentials
You’ve been asking for it and now it’s finally here! The next preparation course for our industry’s only case management certifications, the Certified Home Health Case Manager (CHHCM) and the Certified Hospice Case Manager (CHCM), begins October 14.

Why are these credentials so valuable:

The upcoming Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) payment reform and increased scrutiny of hospice require new levels of expertise. Today, case managers must master goal directed, patient centered care planning; clinical best practices; interdisciplinary team management; time management; documentation and more – all while putting the patient first and, yes, loving the job!

About the CHHCM and CHCM:

  • These credentials can be achieved by taking the CHHCM and/or CHCM examination online through the Fazzi Learning Center.
  • An eight-week online preparation course for these examinations begins October 14.
  • With the bundle package, participants may choose the Home Health Track or the Hospice Track or they may do both. They may also choose to take the CHHCM exam or the CHCM exam or pay a small upgrade fee to do both.
  • Certificate holders get a wealth of free resources. You’ll enter a collaborative community of case management professionals and receive ongoing complimentary best practice webinars and other resources.
  • Participants will be inspired by course instructor Cindy Campbell’s expertise, energy and zeal for case management

Have more questions about the Case Management certification? View our on-demand webinar or our comprehensive FAQs. Contact us at or (844)993-2994.

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