Outsourced Billing for Home Health and Hospice

Improve Revenue, Save Resources and Time

Fazzi’s Outsourced Billing program will assist in ensuring that your agency’s billing is timely, compliant and accurate – all keys to improving your cash flow.  We will support your agency by eliminating staffing challenges, training and costs; allowing you to focus your resources on quality and patient care.

While your agency has access to many software products and industry providers who offer billing programs, what makes partnering with Fazzi different is our staff’s depth of experience, extensive knowledge of agency operations and commitment to improving each aspect of business that impacts your revenue cycle.  Our goal is to make your agency invincible to the continual changes and challenges of our industry.

Fazzi’s Dedicated Team of Experienced Consultants will:

  • Set up a claims submission schedule that optimizes cash flow, avoids write-offs and meets all Medicare requirements
  • Implement all claims submissions, working within your payment system
  • Monitor and manage accounts receivable and collections
  • Follow up with collection actions from third-party payors
  • Report and manage payment denials
  • Monitor for and track medical reviews and ADRs through to final determination or appeal
  • Provide monthly reports on billings, cash performance, revenue and receivables
  • Assist the filing of quarterly Medicare credit balance reports
  • Provide routine support and consultations on billing and related compliance matters

Eliminate billing staff turnover, aging accounts receivable, lost revenue and wasted resources today.  Partner with Fazzi to increase cash flow, increase compliance, save revenue and time.

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