Become a Board Certified Home Health Coder With Fazzi’s New Coding Certification Program

The 8-week online course begins July 8th – Register early to save!

PDGM is just around the corner. Now, more than ever, certifying your home health coding proficiency is critical to achieving PDGM success! Join the thousands of coders who have already become BCHH-C certified with our new 8-week online training program. Developed by industry leading coding experts, the BCHH-C online certification bundle includes:

  • A comprehensive, effective, engaging, convenient and affordable 8-week online highly targeted preparation course and practice exam to prepare participants for the coding certification exam. Our BCHH-C preparation course also includes a PDGM module to prepare coders for January 1st.
  • A 100-question proctored certification exam (or 75-question recertification exam) which can be taken online from the convenience of home or office.
  • Fazzi’s popular OASIS-D Field Guide to Data Collection with CMS Chapter 3 guidance, Q&As and Fazzi best practice guidance.

Note: Participants need a current ICD-10-CM Coding Manual to participate in the course.

Why is the BCHH-C so Valuable?

  • Coders can obtain BCHH-C coding certification completely online with our online certification course and examination.
  • BCHH-C certificants receive free annual competency testing, frequent coding udpates webinars and “Ask The Expert” sessions.
  • The BCHH-C course and exam are unique in our industry to include not just ICD-10-CM concepts but also test and train in those areas of OASIS (25%) required to become an expert coder.  In fact, some employers require no additional OASIS certification when holding the BCHH-C credential.
  • Coders with other coding certifications may take the 75-question BCHH-C recertification exam.
  • Led by a team of coding experts, the quality of the course instruction and materials is outstanding.

Need to start from the beginning? Purchase Fazzi’s Total Coding Bundle

For coders not familiar with the ICD-10-CM code set we recommend purchasing our Total Coder Bundle. In addition to the certification program, you’ll receive access to our 20+ hour complete ICD-10 training program. This is a self-paced course that covers the conventions and general coding guidelines, a review of how to use the coding manual, and a chapter-by-chapter review of the ICD-10-CM code set.

For Coders already familiar with ICD-10: 8-week targeted certification course, BCHH-C exam, OASIS-D Field Guide. Available for $549.

Purchase BCHH-C Certification Bundle

For Coders new to ICD-10: 20 hour ICD-10 complete program, 8-week targeted certification course, BCHH-C exam, OASIS-D Field Guide. Available for $849.

Purchase the Total Coder Bundle