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Visit Fazzi at booth #307 and join our experts Tim Ashe, Cindy Campbell and Gina Mazza for their educational sessions:

Session 103. Drive Organizational Excellence with Lean Management  
Presenters: Tim Ashe and Cindy Campbell
Monday, July 17, 11:00AM – 12:40PM
Riverside Room 14

Session 502. Medicare Home Health Value-Based Purchasing Demonstration Update
Presenters: Chris Attaya, Gina Mazza and Tony Gupton
Tuesday, July 18, 10:00AM – 11:40AM
Cityside Room 21

Home Health Compare Quality Charts Updated – July 2017

The Home Health Compare results were updated on July 12, 2017.

All Quality of Patient Care measures, which include measures under Value-based Purchasingshowed improvement again this quarter! Measures included in the Star Ratings continue to show the most improvement. The depression assessment conducted measure remains unchanged since the first quarter of this year. The data collection period for these measures is from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016.

The acute care hospitalizations measure worsened slightly again this quarter, from 16.5% to 16.7%. The urgent, unplanned care in the emergency room measure remained the same. (Collection period October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016.)

All national averages for HHCAHPS measures continue to remain the same. The data collection period for these measures is calendar year 2016.

The national average for the Patient Care Star Ratings remained at 3.5 stars. The percent of agencies with 3 stars dropped from 20% to 19%, and the percent of agencies with 4.5 stars increased from 10% to 11%. 362 agencies received a 5 star rating. To see where the 5 star agencies are located, visit our Home Health Compare page and use the drop down for Star Ratings at the agency level.

Our Home Health Compare page also provides drop downs to compare measures by state, by year, and by release date. You can also select comparisons for the top 10 percent or top 20 percent.

Why is it so Important to Complete the OASIS in the Home?

OASIS expert, instructor, enthusiast, devotee, coach and mentor, Anita Werner, understands the challenges of completing the OASIS in the home, but also stresses the importance of doing so. As reported in Tim Rowan’s Home Care Technology Report, quality can decrease as the length of time between visit and documentation increases.

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New Conditions of Participation (CoPs) Effective Date Officially Delayed

The proposed rule delaying the new Home Health CoPs was finalized today. This final rule delays the July 13, 2017 effective date for the “Medicare and Medicaid Programs: Conditions of Participation for Home Health Agencies” originally published in the Federal Register on January 13, 2017.  The rule posted today delays the effective/compliance date for an additional six months until January 13, 2018. Agencies will have until July 13, 2018 to implement one QAPI standard: Performance Improvement Projects.

CMS is planning on releasing the Interpretative Guidelines in December 2017.  According to Gina Mazza, Partner, Fazzi Associates, “Agencies should continue to prepare with diligence as most agencies will need the full, additional six months to be in full compliance with new Patient Rights, Care Planning and QAPI standards by January.”

If you have any questions or would like assistance with your plans to comply with the new CoPs, please Contact us or call 800-379-0361. .

Hospice Compare – Important Update

CMS has recently announced that a Hospice Compare site will be released in 2017. The long anticipated hospice public reporting initiative is expected to begin with the HIS items in Summer 2017 with ongoing quarterly updates from then on. Then, Hospice CAHPS results are expected to be included with one of the quarterly data updates released in the winter of 2018.

Prior to the release of data on Hospice Compare, you will have the opportunity to review your HIS results during a 30-day preview period using a Hospice Provider Preview Report, which will be issued quarterly by CMS. CMS is encouraging all Hospice providers to review their results in advance of each Hospice Compare release. Your first Preview Report is available now in the CASPER system for the release planned for this summer. For details on access and log in, click this link , and scroll to the bottom of that page to the download section.

With Hospice QAPI requirements and now public reporting right around the corner, it is more important than ever for Hospices to focus efforts on improving their CAHPS results. To assist you, as one of the largest CAHPS vendors in the country, Fazzi has released a white paper sharing key insights on Hospice CAHPS from a QAPI perspective.  We’ve put our CAHPS results to work by conducting a study to identify the Hospice CAHPS survey items with the highest correlations to the two global questions:

  • Overall Rating of Hospice Care
  • Willingness to Recommend
Download the White Paper: “CAHPS: Why it’s Good for Hospice!

Paying close attention to your service standards, practices and CAHPS scores can help your agency provide better quality care and quality of service – and will help you be a top performer in public reporting.

Contact us if you have questions or would like information about Fazzi’s Home Health or Hospice CAHPS services, 800-379-0361 or


SupervisionPlus Online Training Begins July 10

Do Your Supervisors Have What It Takes? 

Learn effective strategies for supervising and motivating staff, increasing morale and retaining valuable employees. Receive a certificate in home health and hospice supervision and 6.0 contact hours.

This will be the last time this course is offered this year!

Creating a culture of accountability has never been more important for home care and hospice agencies. Agency leaders are challenged to do more with less while guiding their staff to optimal productivity, higher patient and family satisfaction scores, and greater outcomes of care. Leaders, from front line supervisors, to CEO’s, need tools to meet the expectations healthcare’s new challenges.

SupervisionPlus® is a supervisory management training program designed specifically for supervisors, managers and directors in home care and hospice agencies. It is a skill development, how-to-do-it training, with interactive forums to share strategies with other classmates. Supervisors and managers will not only learn the most effective strategies for supervising and motivating staff, they will also learn the newest supervisory approaches for increasing the morale, team commitment and retention of valuable employees.

Participants will learn skills that they can apply immediately when they return to their jobs. Among the issues that will be addressed in this training are:

  • Monitor and supervise every employee.
  • Excite and motivate employees.
  • Manage challenging employees.
  • Hold employees accountable.

Developed and presented by Dr. Robert Fazzi, this eight week online training is for both novice and senior managers and provides the foundation for developing a highly accountable, Outcome Management System throughout the agency.

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PHI and Cyber Security in Outsourced Services

As the trend towards outsourcing continues to grow, an important consideration is the need to keep Protected Health Information (PHI) secure and to mitigate cyber security risks.

According to the Sixth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data, conducted by the Ponemon Institute in 2016, nearly 90% of healthcare organizations suffered a data breach in the past two years and “criminal attacks from the outside and negligence from the inside continue to put patient data in the crossfire.”

Download our complimentary white paper on this topic by Melanie Duerr, Partner and Director of Fazzi’s Coding Operations, and Jami Fisher, Chief Information Officer, as they explain cyber security issues and risks and how to mitigate them when outsourcing.

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Complimentary Executive Update Webinar: Get the Latest Facts about Pre-Claim Review and CoP Effective Date

As you’ve probably heard, CMS paused Pre-Claim Review in Illinois, postponed indefinitely its start in Florida and the other states and issued a proposed rule that will change the new CoP rule effective date to January 13, 2018. The industry is abuzz with questions and Fazzi has the answers.

Join Gina Mazza, Partner and Director of Regulatory and Compliance Services, for a brief complimentary executive update webinar.  In this webinar you will get the latest facts on Pre-Claim Review and the new CoP rule effective date, and learn what you should be doing now, regardless of these changes.

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Case Management Online Training Begins June 12

A Value-Based environment and new Conditions of Participation demand a changing level of performance by our field staff. Fazzi’s highly acclaimed “Case Management Rules for the Road” online course gives your Case Managers the training they need to help your agency succeed in today’s environment.

The $199 early bird rate is available until May 31!

Fazzi’s highly acclaimed Case Management online course begins June 12. Give your Case Managers the training they need to help your agency improve clinical, financial and patient satisfaction outcomes. Participants will receive clear best practice guidance based on Fazzi’s “Case Management Rules for the Road” and the answers to these and many more questions:

  • How do I use OASIS to drive patient advocacy?
  • What are appropriate guidelines for discharge?
  • How do I motivate my patient or their caregivers to best manage their health?
  • When is front-loading of visits appropriate and what does that really mean?

This 8-week online course, is presented by Cindy Campbell, RN, BS, Director of Operational Consulting at Fazzi Associates. Participants who successfully complete all eight modules receive a Certificate of Completion in Case Management and 5.0 contact hours. Don’t miss out, this course is only offered periodically.

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The 2016-2017 National State of the Industry Report

Fazzi Associates, in collaboration with our National Steering Committee, is pleased to bring you the results of our latest best practice study for home care and hospice.  Derived from in depth interviews with 751 agency leaders representing every sector of our industry, this national study is the fourth of its kind and the most comprehensive in the history of home care and hospice.

The intention of the study is to provide information and insight to help all agencies improve quality, profitability, efficiency and patient satisfaction. That’s why we undertake and fund this project and that’s why we offer its findings for free.

The 49-page report covers more than 30 topics of interest to home health and hospice agency leaders, from use of telehealth and outsourced services to productivity, clinical team structure, employee engagement and much more.  Many of the findings clearly provide agency leaders with insights that may be of help to their agency.  Issues addressed include:

  • Clinical models that most impact quality and financial outcomes.
  • Role of accreditation on outcomes.
  • Staffing ratios and their impact on quality and financial outcomes.
  • Difference in outcomes by size or auspices or location.
  • Difference in outcomes based on payment models.
  • Impact and growth in outsourced coding and their implications.
  • Role of productivity on outcomes.
  • Biggest concerns by agencies.
  • Role of telehealth and other technologies on outcomes.
  • Impact of employee engagement surveys on employee retention.

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