April Compliance Newsletter

According to the latest National State of the Industry Report™, agencies that were the highest performers on home health compare outcomes, conducted an employee engagement survey every two years or more often. Conducting regular employee engagement surveys is a best practice for a well-run agency, evidenced by the fact above – and because employee engagement contributes to retention which has become a critical issue for our industry.

What are some of the key takeaways from Fazzi’s employee engagement database? One important finding is that Home Health and Hospice employees give their leadership low scores. Analysis of our employee engagement database shows that the Leadership Doman scores are the second lowest after Compensation and Benefits (which are always the lowest). This graph shows the relative results among the domain areas.

Factors such as communication, having a voice in decision making and alignment between management and staff are among the ingredients that contribute to the ratings employees give their leadership.

Fazzi’s Employee Engagement service, the only survey specifically created for home health and hospice agencies, analyzes composite scores for each of the areas shown above to identify which should be the targets for improvement. Within those areas, you can also single out specific improvements. Then, the action steps can be planned to bring about needed improvements.

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Changes Coming to OASIS in 2019!

CMS has posted the new OASIS-D instrument and a supporting statement at this link. The revisions effective January 1, 2019 are intended to comply with the 2014 IMPACT Act.

Changes to the assessment are extensive. CMS is removing 235 data elements across all OASIS items as a part of the Paperwork Reduction Act, however 6 new questions with multiple data items are added. For example, at Start of Care 75 data elements are removed, however 65 new elements are added.

Fifteen of the 28 OASIS questions removed provided risk adjustment for publicly reported outcomes. This means accuracy in the responses to remaining OASIS questions will be even more essential. Competence in OASIS-C2 will set the stage for success with OASIS-D. Our OASIS Package available through The Fazzi Learning Center will automatically be updated with the changes and all Fazzi Learning Center customers will receive a free “crosswalk” training on the changes during the fall of 2018. If you’re not already a Fazzi Learning Center customer and would like to learn more, please click here.