April Compliance Newsletter

Key Drivers for Improving the Overall Results of Hospice CAHPS Results

Amid challenging new regulations and escalating reimbursement constraints, why is the Hospice CAHPS® survey good for hospice? Gina Mazza, Partner, Director of Regulatory and Compliance Services at Fazzi outlines the four important reasons Hospice leaders should consider CAHPS when setting strategic goals. Learn more by downloading the white paper, CAHPS: Why it’s Good for Hospice!

CoPs Delayed and PreClaim Stopped

As you’ve probably heard, CMS paused Pre-Claim Review in Illinois, postponed indefinitely its start in Florida and the other states and issued a proposed rule that will change the new CoP rule effective date to January 13, 2018. The industry is abuzz with questions and Fazzi has the answers. To get the latest facts and learn what you should be doing now, regardless of these change, Fazzi recently provided a brief executive update webinar. View the webinar recording.

The Tricks of Transfers

M1850-Bed to Chair Transfer is one of the most challenging OASIS questions. The language used in the responses is particularly ‘tricky’. This is one of the few instances in OASIS where “OR” actually means “OR” and not “AND”. Response #1 indicates a patient requires minimal assistance or the use of an assistive device. It’s important to remember Response #1 cannot be selected when a patient needs both assistance from a person and an assistive device. Instead, select Response #2. This response indicates a person can both bear weight and pivot but can’t transfer themselves without more than minimal assistance from another person. The actual wording of the response reads “unable to transfer self” and this makes clinicians hesitate to select the response. Guidance is very clear on this from Q&A releases. Don’t miss your opportunity to show outcome improvements and proper reimbursement!

Fazzi Can Help You Improve Your Return Rate

Did you know that Fazzi offers Mixed Mode data collection for Home Health and Hospice CAHPS? Fazzi’s CAHPS Mixed Mode return rate is higher than the national average – coming in at around 40%! With patient and family satisfaction so important to Star Ratings and Value-Based Purchasing and public reporting of Hospice CAHPS right around the corner; response rates are important. To learn more, contact us.