It’s Time to Answer the Phone!

The phone calls are about to begin! By that I mean the phone survey calls for the 2016 National Home Care and Hospice State of the Industry Study.

With over 1,700 suggestions from you and your colleagues across the country, the questionnaire is now complete and we are about to begin making the survey calls. Every agency that participates will receive an advance copy of the findings to be released this fall. If you would like to volunteer to participate, you may do so by clicking this link.

This is our fourth biannual State of the Industry Study. Given the new world of Value-Based Purchasing and the inevitable Pay-For-Performance model that will be mandated nationwide, there is no question it will be the most important. Everything about this project is designed to help agencies improve quality and lower costs, because we know that the Invincible agencies will be those who embrace “who we were yesterday cannot be who we are tomorrow.”

I am so pleased and thankful for all of the input we received from the industry in designing this study.  A sampling of topics includes:

  • The impact of telehealth on costs, quality, referrals, unplanned hospitalizations, emergent care, and patient satisfaction.
  • Using multidisciplinary teams to improve quality and productivity.
  • Compensation strategies that increase retention.
  • What program areas are agencies expanding into?
  • What’s really happening with new healthcare reform models?
  • Plans for mergers, affiliations and partnerships.
  • How quickly is the industry moving to outsourcing?
  • What staffing models best impact quality, outcomes and cost?
  • What is the single biggest concern among industry leaders?

So please join us. If you are called, please participate. It will be well worth your time, and you’ll receive an advance complimentary copy of the study report. And!… keep reading to learn more about free data!

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Bob Fazzi, Managing Partner

Free Data

As you probably know, at Fazzi, we love data.  And we work hard to make as much of it available to you, for free, as we can.  For example…

  • Want to know the scores of the top 10% and 20% Home Health Compare agencies in your state?  Click here.
  • How do the Medicare post-acute care utilization costs in your county compare to your neighbors? Click here.
  • According to MedPAC, freestanding home health agencies (HHAs) had an aggregate margin of 10.8% and the marginal profit of HHAs was estimated to be 13.3% in 2014.  See the trend from 2011-2014 by quintile here.

And there’s more. We hope you’ll “click around” the “Research and Data” section of our website to find more useful free data. And, of course, there’s the not so free kind, which includes our customized and comprehensive competitor reports, referral source reports, and more.  You’ll find those here.