Fazzi International

We provide outsourced coding services from our operations in the US, India and Ireland in order to offer 365/24/7 coverage, including quality control and access to coding supervisors, as well as business continuity and disaster recovery services to our customers.

With our geographically diverse capacity, we are not only able to meet the significant and growing demand for our outsourced coding services, we are a business continuity and disaster recovery solution, which is becoming more and more important due to things like climate change and cyber security risks.

We launched our India based operations in 2013 and our new “Fazzi in Ireland” office in Limerick in 2016.  From our Limerick office, we also plan to provide ICD-10 medical coding services – including help converting from previous ICD editions – to hospitals, doctors, home care providers, healthcare centers, health insurers and governmental healthcare entities across the globe.  See the news about our big launch!