A Minute in the Morning


Average Case Mix Weight by State*

Based on Fazzi’s analysis of home health claims data for non-LUPA episodes, the national average case mix weight (CMW) for 2016 was 1.0384. See table at right for results by state.

Nationally, the overall CMW decreased (-0.7%) from 2014 to 2016.

Twenty-three states had a decrease in CMW from 2014 to 2016. Twenty-nine states had an increase in CMW, and two states had no change in the same period. Minnesota had the largest percentage increase of 5.0%, followed by North Dakota (4.5%) and Washington (3.9%). Mississippi and Missouri had no change in 2016 from their 2014 CMW. Guam saw the largest decrease (-4.9%) in percent change of CMW, followed by Florida (-4.3%), Utah (-3.4%), and New Mexico (-3.3%).

The five states with the lowest CMW in 2014 (CA, LA, TX, OK, GU) were also the lowest in 2016. Of the five states with the highest CMW in 2014 (FL, ID, UT, TN, WV) only three, WV, ID, and FL, were the highest in 2016 (FL, ID, WV, CO, WA).

Idaho had the highest CMW in 2016 compared to Guam at the lowest – a difference of 0.285 ($845 per episode or $870 per episode with rural add on).

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* Fazzi analysis of Medicare home health claims