The 2016-2017 National State of the Industry Report

Fazzi Associates, in collaboration with our National Steering Committee, is pleased to bring you the results of our latest best practice study for home care and hospice.  Derived from in depth interviews with 751 agency leaders representing every sector of our industry, this national study is the fourth of its kind and the most comprehensive in the history of home care and hospice.

The intention of the study is to provide information and insight to help all agencies improve quality, profitability, efficiency and patient satisfaction. That’s why we undertake and fund this project and that’s why we offer its findings for free.

The 49-page report covers more than 30 topics of interest to home health and hospice agency leaders, from use of telehealth and outsourced services to productivity, clinical team structure, employee engagement and much more.  Many of the findings clearly provide agency leaders with insights that may be of help to their agency.  Issues addressed include:

  • Clinical models that most impact quality and financial outcomes.
  • Role of accreditation on outcomes.
  • Staffing ratios and their impact on quality and financial outcomes.
  • Difference in outcomes by size or auspices or location.
  • Difference in outcomes based on payment models.
  • Impact and growth in outsourced coding and their implications.
  • Role of productivity on outcomes.
  • Biggest concerns by agencies.
  • Role of telehealth and other technologies on outcomes.
  • Impact of employee engagement surveys on employee retention.

Access the free report.