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Why Has the Demand for Supervisory Training Grown So Much?

In an industry where it is critical that staff in all departments be knowledgeable about new developments and new demands, training is always a high priority. Some demands are new, i.e. new regulations or new clinical procedures and some demands have always been around, i.e. how to best supervise, motivate and ensure quality staff performance.

It is easy to understand why new trainings are always being developed for new changes and requirements. It is less obvious why age old requirements such as the qualifications to be a great supervisor have suddenly become much more in demand. But, the answer is simple.

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Fazzi’s Team of Industry Experts

At Fazzi our team of respected industry experts work together to help home health and hospice agencies Be Invincible. We continually make a difference in health care by strengthening the quality, value and impact of home care, hospice and community based services. Learn more about who we are and how our services can help your agency improve in this short video, The Fazzi Story.

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CoP Readiness Webinar Series

Ready to read, digest and determine how your agency will comply with the final 374-page rule updating the Home Health Conditions of Participation for Medicare and Medicaid (CoP) for the first time in 20 years? By July 13th? Fazzi will help you get there!

Fazzi’s CoP Readiness Webinar Series that will take you beyond the basics of the rule and help you prepare you for the three most expanded components of the new CoPs:

  • QAPI
  • Care Planning and Coordination
  • Patients Rights

Those registering for the full webinar series will also receive a complimentary white paper, “New CoPs? New Practice Imperatives!” which outlines our recommended updates to case management practices to align with the new conditions.

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