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How well do your clinicians know OASIS-C2? Don’t put your agency at risk.

By testing staff now in OASIS-C2, you can prevent costly errors down the road. With Fazzi’s OASIS Skills Assessment Testing subscription, you can receive score by clinician, OASIS item and OASIS domain. You’ll also receive detailed reporting showing how your scores would impact your quality, financial, VBP, and STAR Rating outcomes. And, this is all benchmarked against the nation, as well as against agencies within your state.

Our OASIS-C2 national testing, a part of the OASIS Testing Subscription, begins December 16th. Register today to get a complete overview of your staff’s OASIS-C2 competency levels BEFORE C2 begins.

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Introducing Fazzi’s 1.5 Hour Training: ICD-10 2016 Updates

Fazzi’s 1.5 hour bootcamp training session will help your coders prepare for the new ICD-10 updates. The update includes:

  • 1943 new codes
  • 422 revised codes
  • 305 deleted codes
  • And many new home health specific codes

Even the word “with” and its meaning has turned the coding world upside down – and not just for Diabetes! Guidelines we have lived with for years are now written in an opposite manner. Pressure ulcers will be subject to three sets of official guidance adding to the complexity that coders and clinicians must manage.

You’ll get all the information you need to maintain coding accuracy and proper reimbursement.

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Chronic Conditions Remain Costly and Preventable Leading Causes of Death

According to releases from the National Center for Health Statistics, the leading causes of death in 2014 remained the same as in 2013. However, age-adjusted death rates for five leading causes declined significantly; heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, diabetes, and influenza and pneumonia. Although not in the top ten leading causes, hypertension also showed a significant decrease. Death rates increased significantly for unintentional injuries, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, suicide, and chronic liver disease and cirrhosis between 2013 and 2014.

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