October Home Health Compare Scores Released

Question: I understand that the latest Home Health Compare (HHC) scores have been published. Is there anything in particular about the new scores that we as an agency should focus on?

Answer: Yes, the latest Home Health Compare results were posted on October 13th and reflect a data collection period of July 2010 - June 2011. Overall, the results have improved. However, the hospitalization result has had a setback. Here are the key findings: 

  • The national average improved for 10 measures.
  • Nine of the ten measures that improved are process measures.
  • Hospitalization worsened from 26% last quarter to 27%.

While stakeholders are focusing on reducing unnecessary hospitalizations, the data tells us that we still have work to do. The good news is that the top 20% for this measure has maintained an unplanned hospitalization rate of 21% since last quarter.

To view the Quality Chart with the updated national averages and the results for the top 20%, click here. For a chart that includes your state's results, go to our Home Health State Association page and click on your state.

The improvements in process measures indicate that more clinicians are better understanding the intent of these measures and/or that documentation of these practices is improving. Either way, the patient benefits from improved care planning that is deliberate and patient-centered.

If your agency isn't improving, don't get discouraged. Start improving by evaluating your current results and develop a plan that focuses on one or two key opportunities. For help in this area, consider Fazzi's SafeSide™ program – our latest initiative to help agencies measurably reduce avoidable hospitalizations.