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The Home Health Care CAHPS Survey (HHCAHPS®) is part of a family of CAHPS surveys that ask patients to report on and rate their experiences with health care. The HHCAHPS Survey was designed to measure and assess the experiences of people receiving home health care with the following three goals in mind:

  • To produce comparable data on patient satisfaction;
  • To create incentives for agencies to improve their quality of care through public reporting of survey results; and
  • To hold health care providers accountable by informing the public about the providers’ quality of care.

Fazzi is approved by CMS for administering surveys in all three modes: mail, phone, and mixed mode.


Fazzi and Patient Satisfaction

Fazzi’s National Patient Satisfaction service is one of home care’s oldest, largest, and most respected patient satisfaction benchmarking systems in the country. Fazzi specializes in home care and hospice services and is the only national benchmarking service that incorporates findings from its research and consulting divisions in helping to guide agencies in best practice strategies for improving patient satisfaction. Because our goal is not just reporting but improvement, we include best practice training webinars, industry updates, and technical support as part of our standard patient satisfaction benchmark service.

Interactive Web Reporting

Web reporting can be accessed by the Subscriber Login link at fazzi.com. All reports are offered on-demand.

Exceptional Ease of Use

Clear, uncluttered reports tell you at a glance where you stand, using intuitive graphics to convey statistical analyses in a way the communicates to any audience. Even the most demanding quality improvement professionals will find the in-depth analysis they need to design quality improvement initiatives.

How We Can Help

Our goal is to help you improve. We monitor your results. We provide best practice trainings, technical support, consultation, and insider reports to help you improve, and there is no additional cost for these services. Email Gina at gmazza@fazzi.com for more details.

Agencies named as Fazzi's HHCAHPS Top 25 are proven leaders that have excelled in one of the most important measures of an agency’s quality program– patient satisfaction. These agencies have scored in the top 25% of Fazzi's National Patient Satisfaction database for the Overall Satisfaction and Likelihood of Recommending survey questions. Click here to view agencies named as Fazzi's HHCAHPS Top 25.     


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